Are you functionally disabled or maybe a relative of a disabled and are looking for an assistance coordinator in Stockholm that live up to your vision of personal assistance?

Together Personal Assistance is a small company that believe us to be what you are looking for. Our size makes us flexible enough to adapt assistance based on your preferences and allow you to be involved as much as you wish.

How we work

For each client, we create a customer budget so you can see how the compensation for assistance are distributed each month, you will get a report of outstanding and spent hours and capital.

At our first contact, we always design a personalized adapted assistance plan based on your needs.

Our small size creates value for you. You will never be another statistic, but remain an individual with unique significance. In addition, we operate much more cost effective by having low administrative costs.

Today we have most of our clients in Stockholm , but we work all over the country.


Please contact us if you would like more information or if you have questions.

Together Personlig Assistans
AC: 087413980 (08-18)



Alexander Silow:

tfn 087413982

mob 0708704981



Sandra Marquez:

tfn 087413981

mob 073 8152223